Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Biking from Shawnee Trail to Frisco Commons

In my last post, I mentioned some creative route planning that let me ride from my home in Plantation Resort in southeast Frisco to Frisco Commons without risking my life on Preston Road or Main Street. Last weekend, I took advantage of the fabulous weather and dusted off the old Diamondback Topanga to retrace my steps.

What I thought would be a winding path through neighborhoods, however, became a true adventure when I was able to link in TWO wonderful trails on the way. First, the Caddo Hike and Bike trail is a gem of the Frisco park system. It winds its way from Wade Boulevard, north along Stewart Creek to just south of Stonebrook Parkway. Nestled among towering trees, this is a path that's going to be just as pleasant this summer as it was this weekend.

Next, I stumbled across Oakbrook Park, near Aker Elementary. It has a small path that winds it's way back toward Frisco High School. Sadly, this trail could use some maintenance, as it had several spots where glass and debris made riding a challenge.

Throughout the route, I only crossed three major streets. Due to construction, the corner of Wade and Preston certainly provided a challenge. But the other two (Stonebrook and Main) were far easier. I wonder if the city would consider putting crosswalks at those two crossings?

If you'd like to follow my trail, click here for a map with milestones.

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